Customer FAQs
Sewer Rent is a schedule of annual charges established and imposed by the Village of Port Chester for the use of operating, maintaining, upkeep, repair and replacement of the sanitary sewer system.
Your yearly tax bill includes a Port Chester Sewer Tax which is actually taxes billed by Westchester County to pay for the county owned sewage treatment plant that serves our community. It does not cover the costs of maintaining, upkeep, repair and replacement of the Village owned sewer lines.
It is more equitable to bill sewer rent based on the measured amount of water used rather than a bill a flat rate based on the value of your property. The cost you pay for sewer rent is directly related to the amount of water that you use during a billing period.

For example: Two different properties (a single family home and a laundromat) could have the same property value and would pay the same billed on your taxes. When billed separate from your taxes each system user pays for only the amount of water they use, allowing the bill to be proportionate to usage.
All system users are eligible for sewer rent. All bills are addressed and mailed to the same address as real estate bills. If a property changes ownership, the Village must be notified along with the designated water billing authority in advance of the closing title to obtain a final reading and new ownership information.
The property of the Village of Port Chester is solely exempt from the obligation to pay sewer rent. All sanitary system users, including tax-exempt properties are billed sewer rent in order to preclude the cost of the sanitary sewer system being funded solely from the property tax.
All revenues from sanitary sewer rents including penalties, shall be kept in a separate bank account to be designated as “sewer rent fund” All such funds, together with any interest thereon, shall be used in accordance with General Municipal Law, Section 453
System users Sewer Rent bills are calculated using the actual water consumption that is billed by your water provider, Suez Water. If you would like to contest the amount of water used, you will need to contact Suez Water at 1-877-266-9101. If an adjustment is provided, Suez will notify us and that adjustment will be reflected on a subsequent Sewer Rent invoice.

To request an exemption due to water that not being discharged into the sanitary system you must complete a ‘Sewer Rent Adjustment Request Form’ and submit the form to the Village Manager. This is in accordance with Section 268-4 of the Village Code.
Yes. You can sign up for electronic statement delivery notifications by visiting You can sign up directly from the home page or if you already have an online account, you can login to your account and select ‘Go Paperless’ under Account Options.
All bills shall become due and payable without penalty within twenty-five (25) days of issuance.
A penalty of one (1) percent will be charged for any bill that remains unpaid after twenty-five (25) days. An additional penalty of one (1) percent shall be added for each month or any portion of a month in which the sewer rent continues to remain unpaid. Unpaid sewer rents, penalties and interest shall constitute a lien upon the real property as provided by General Municipal Law, Section 452.
To pay by US mail – Please enclose your check or money order and remittance coupon inside the supplied return envelope and ensure that you write your account number on your payment form.

To pay over the phone - Contact us at 1-888-876-1672 to make a payment through our automated phone service or with a customer service specialist. Payment is accepted with Credit/Debit card* or electronic check. *payments made with a Credit/Debit card will incur a 3% convenience fee.

AutoPay, ACH and online bill payment options are available as well. These payment types can be set up through your online financial institution or by visiting us online at
The Village has partnered with Minol USA to provide billing and payment services for Sewer Rent charges. Suez Water generated their last Sewer Rent invoices in May 2019.
Sewer Rent invoices are calculated and mailed approximately every three months.
The sewer rent amount is the amount of water consumed during the billing period and multiplied by the current sewer rent rate. The sewer rent rate for the FY 2020-2021 is $1.629880 per CCF of water used. You can keep your cost down by conserving water whenever possible.